Audio, Video, and Document Translation Services

From medium sized business to large corporation, audio video translation services are widely required to survive and grow in the industry. If you have been looking for translation services beyond expectations, Transaption has your answer. We have been working with number of larger organizations and companies in the last few years. Providing them with the highest quality work, we have been fulfilling their need to get their audio, video and document translated by the most experienced professionals. When you need your files to be processed and translated for business purposes, look no further.
Having the best team of audio video and text translators, our team comprises all native speakers with years of experience in audio video translation services. Feel free to contact for a quote right now!

What Is The Need For Audio / Video / Document Translation?

There are number of organizations and companies which demand for a volume of audio files to be processed and translated for their business purposes. With video marketing turning out to be an outstanding support for their marketing efforts, business owners around the globe are trying their hands on this technique. While video add more to the customer experience, it is worth noticing that online visitors are more attracted to those in their native languages. It is here when you need expert translation service provider like Transaption.

Whether you require audio to audio translator or video audio translator, here you get them all under one roof. Transaption has been serving clients with quality audio and video transcription and translation services in different languages. We can easily fit into your needs and our team of translators ensure the highest quality and accuracy in the projects delivered. We understand that translation becomes a critical component for your business success. For this we are rendering 24 hours translation services at an affordable price range.

How Can Transaption Help You With Audio / Video / Document Translation?

We have been catering the finest range of services to translate audio video files for our clients from across the world. Whatever your language requirement is, we can do the needful with highest level of accuracy and quality. As we have a team of all native speakers who can perfectly speak and write their languages without any grammar or spelling errors, we can get your content translated which can be ideally used for meeting, manuscripts, interviews, reports, forums, teleconferences, telephone conversations, articles, and speeches.

Documents we translate

  • Adoption Documents
  • Affidavit
  • Apostille
  • Asylum Documents
  • Background Check
  • Bank Statement
  • Birth Certificate
  • Change of Name
  • Criminal Record
  • Death Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Divorce Documents
  • Driver’s License
  • Email
  • Financial Statement
  • Legal Contract
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Records
  • Mortgage Application
  • Passport
  • Rental Agreement
  • Resume
  • Tax Returns
  • Text Message
  • Transcripts
  • Vaccination Record

and many more!

Why Choose Us For Your Translation Requirements?

With a number of agencies offering translation services, it can be quite confusing to choose the right partner. Transaption guarantee you quality services by maintaining original content. You can stay assured that your audio, video, or text material is never altered during translation. We promise you the best transcription and translation services for all type of projects.

  • We are ISO Certified
  • We offer 24/7 Customer Support.
  • We provide NDA Agreements.

Transaption Offer Translation Service With Following Features:

How To Get Your Audio / Video / Document Translated?

Transaption aims to add ease to your life. For this we have made a simple three-step process to get translation done.


Whether you want us to translate your audio files, the videos or documents, upload them to our secure server. Just select the file length, time code, language and any additional quality check.


Once you have uploaded the files, qualified and experienced translators will start working on them. You can rest assure that no machine work will be served. And every file undergoes a quality check further before approval.

Quality work:

After several quality checks you will be notified by an email when your translated work is ready. Make your payments and we will send you documents through an email.

We Support Varied Formats

Input Formats

MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more.

Output Formats

.docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We offer captioning services in all major world languages.Plus, we have international staff.

English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Arabic.