Refund policy

  • We offer ‘Refund’ policy to all our customers where we pay all your money in cases of any discrepancy in the work delivered by us. This service is only active up to 10 days from date of delivery of concerned product.
  • In cases where a customer desires to return files after 10 days deadline owing to low-quality, then one may request for a ‘Refund’ policy. But, it will include 30% fees for debugging and 50% fees for amending.
  • The ‘Refund’ policy only extends to files which fall into category of class A/Superb and B/high-quality audio-visual Product.
  • After we receive any application regarding ‘Refund’, our team makes sure to double check the quality of the product the product. It must be dissatisfactory and if it is not then, the customer’s request for pay back is rejected.
  • The request for ‘Refund’ policy is only entertained for the cases where the quality of the product doesn’t meet the quality standards, even after double-checking process.
  • ‘Refund’ policy is not applicable to products which fall into category of Intricate Quality files or Rush ordering.
  • Any customer is eligible for only one offer.