Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is designed in such a manner that it is fit to serve people’s concern related to the online use of their PIL (Personally Identifiable Information).

PIL has been explained by EU, US privacy law and GDPR as well as information security industry as the details of an individual such as his/her contact number etc. which when combined with other useful information can be used to locate or identify that particular individual.

In order to have a thorough understanding of how we use, protect, and handle your Personally Identifiable Information you must read our privacy policy in detail. It explains our services and how our website actually works. By using our Service or while browsing through our website, one gives a consent for the process of collection, use, storage, and processing the particular individual’s personal information. But all this is done strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Compliance concerning according to the Regulation EU 2106/679 (GDPR Compliance)

The General Data protection Regulation rules came into force, legally on 25th May 2018.

TRANSAPTION situated at 3616 Kirkwood Highway, Suite A #9999,Wilmington, DE 19808 aims at fulfilling the European standards of data protect and to extend the active support as well. We are bound unilaterally by this GDPR Compliance and we operate according to the Privacy Policy. We have implemented almost all the measures of the Privacy Policy in our way of working.

TRANSAPTION acts as a Controller of the data content and Personal Data as well, it also acts as a data processor for Personal Data of customers. It follows and fulfils all the measures which are for proper data protection.

As mentioned earlier, this Compliance is unilaterally binding upon us, therefore it may be used by any individual who is a user of TRANSAPTION. This serves as a proof for our declaration regarding the GDPR Compliance.

We also have made other useful agreements such as data process agreement (DPA’s) with all our sub processors. This agreement is also available for our beloved customers and clients. If you are interested in this service of our company you can send us a request through the following two mediums-

Either mail us at-

Once you do this, our team will send you the further instructions and details of how to proceed.

What personal information is collected from the people that visit our blog, website or app?

Whenever any individual orders or registers on our site, he/she may is asked to enter details like the name, email address, phone number, credit card number etc. in order to help you improve your experience with TRANSAPTION.

When do we collect information?

The process of collection of information from the client is done when he/she registers on the site, to place any order or to subscribe to a newsletter. It may be done through other significant reasons like respond to a survey, filling of a form, using Live Chat, Open a Support Ticket or give information on our site or even when you give feedback on our products and services we provide.

How do we use your information?

One may make full use of the other features of our site as well. And we try to make your experience better in the following manner-

In order to personalize our experience, we aim at delivering the type of content and products that show your interest or the products that suit your needs, in the best way. We always endeavor to improve our website in order to serve our clients in a better way.

We try to respond to all the queries and requests made by our beloved customers. All this work is done aptly by our customer service team. The customer service has the response to carry out various contests, surveys and other activities which might be helpful in making our clients satisfied and have a fair experience with us.

We aim at doing each activity on time, namely processing your transaction, delivering your products etc. Our team pays special attention to each rating and the reviews of the services or the products prompted by any of our customers.

It helps us to improve in every way we can, in order to serve you better. We believe in communicating with our customers so as to know about their needs and desires. This is the basic reason as to why we try to try to follow up with them via live chat, email, or call.

All in all, we try to establish and maintain a secure relationship with our beloved customers so that they can trust in our services completely.

Profiling Personal Data

One important point to be mentioned her is that, by using our Services, Customers give its consent to the process of profiling his/her Personal Data. This data is provided so that we can provide them properly services as specified in the Privacy Policy. As matter of fact, our clients agree that this process of profiling of data serves various purposes like-

It helps us to provide the customer’s contents and products that are consistent and apt according to the Services.

In cases where any customer feels that he/she has the legalright to not be profiled then he/she can make a request to our customer service operator. They can be contacted via email – Also, withdrawal of consent in most cases amounts to the termination of the Agreement.

Retention of Copies

Our Company can retain Customer Personal Data to that extend only which is specified by European Union Law it the Law of an EU Member Statement. The period of retention process is same as mentioned in the laws of European Union.

In addition to this, it’s duty of the Company to maintain the confidentiality of all the Customer Personal Data and it has to make sure that such data is only used when required as well as it used strictly according to the guidelines provided by the law. The use of Personal Data of any customer must in accordance with the purposes as defined under the laws of European Union.

The Customer also agrees to the fact that after the Agreement ends due to any reason, his/ her data may be stored as a backup for the time needed to secure Customer’s claim that may arise in future due to various reasons. This is mainly because it takes time for any claim to be terminated completely.

Right to Access, Amend or Erasure

For each Personal Data provided by any customer, the company gains right to access, correct, amend, block or delete it. Though the Company shall comply with the requests and desires made by the customers in order to correct, amend, block, or delete Customer’s Personal Data, as specified by Data Protection Laws. The company has legal right to do such thing.

Now, if any of our customers want to amend, block, access or confirm the Personal Data relating to him/her that is registered with TRANSAPTION, then he/she can always mail us at-

There are cases where a customer may no longer want to continue to utilize our services or he/she may want to correct, update, delete inaccuracies or he/ she may want to make a request for deactivation then under such circumstances you can again mail us at- support@transaption.comIt may take maximum 30 days for any of our customer’s service operator to revert to you and solve your queries.

If any of the customers wanted to make a request for removal of personal data from testimonials or customer support forum then he/she must mail us at-

There may be instances where we may not be able to remove your personal data in given time, owing to various reasons. If we are unable to do so, then our customer support service will let you know about this.

Geo-Location data

This is to inform our customers that TRANSAPTION may have access to their geo-location details. This is because we process IP address for all the devices one uses to access our website or customer portal. The device can be your mobile phone or your computers as well. All this happens either you are a visitor or a customer.

How do we protect your information?

We would like to assure all our customers with the fact that our Company takes apt and reasonable technical as well as operational steps in order to protect and secure all the Personal Information we collect from our customers. In order to protect the information you provide to our Company, we carry out periodical Risk Assessment and Malware Scanning to make sure that all the Personal Data present with is secured. Also, all the Personal Data which you provide with us is contained behind secured networks and only limited employees have access to it. Those employees are required to keep all the information confidential.

All the transactions made by any customer is always done via a gateway provider and no information is stored after the transaction has been made.

Do we use ‘cookies’?

Yes, cookies are used by TRANSAPTION at the stage when any one of you visit our website or use the services provided by us. These bits of information sent by the server is stored so that our company can make use of it in order to personalize your experience. We use these cookies as a reminder of your needs while processing our services to you in future. We never link the details stored in cookies to any of your Personal Data which you provide us while browsing our site.

Third party disclosure

You can completely extend your trust to our company. We never disclose, sell or transfer any kind of your Personal Information to a third party. If there are circumstances where we may do so, our team always gives a prior notice to the concerned customer.

However, other information apart from your Personal details may be provided to other parties for marketing or advertising purposes.

TRANSAPTION does not include any kind of products or website links belonging to the third party.


In case we make use of Sub-processor, our experts may share your Personal information, but it will always be in accordance with the Policy. Before doing so we inform our customers and offer them to either opt-in or opt-out for such purposes. Or you can always make a request to limit the use of your Personal Information by writing us at- or contacting us via call.