On-Site or In-Person Interpretation Service Made Easy

As an integral part of our services, Transaption facilities two parties, that speak different languages, with on-site or in-person interpretation service.

We facilitate all individual, legal, medical and official needs for reliable face-to-face interpretation in spoken and American Sign Language (ASL).


What is on-site interpreting, How We Can Help?

  • On-site interpreting, otherwise known as in-person or face-to-face interpreting, is when a language interpreter is scheduled to meet a client at a defined location. The role of the interpreter is to facilitate communication between two parties who do not speak the same language.
  • We offer highest quality on-site interpreting for helpful communication though our team of trained professional interpreters. You can schedule interpreter by appointment or in case of same day emergencies.
  • who can be scheduled by appointment or in case of same day emergencies.

On-siteor In-Person Interpretation Services for a Seamless Communication

Face-to-face interpreting or on-site interpretation is a very popular and ideal alternative for two-way communication when telephone interpretation is not possible or in-person interpretation is required. It is effective because such interpretation offers professional language support and adds personal touch / human interaction aspect to the communication.

Our in-person interpretation service is beneficial mainly in delicate and complex situations involving emotional challenges. This is so because our trained face-to-face interpreters are highly competent in interpreting in over 170 world languages and their professional approach to help client is something you have to see to experience.


Find Interpreter for two types of face-to-face interpretation:

1. On-site simultaneous interpreting:

In this service, our specialized interpreters will interpret speech in real-time as the source speaker is speaking. The interpreter will listen, and without a pause, translate simultaneously for the benefit of the listener. This is helpful when interpretation is required in only one language.

2. Consecutive on-site interpretation:

In this service, our specialized interpreters will listen patiently to the source speaker and take their notes. Once the speaker has finished, the interpreter will convey the message in the language of the listener. This type of interpretation can be helpful if facility is required in multiple languages.

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Why to Consider for On-Site or In-Person Interpretation Services

As one of the finest on-site interpreting service provider, we at Transaption are committed to providing reliable, accurate and customizable in-person interpretation services for a wide range of industries.

Whether you need on-site or in-person interpretation service at an event or conference, in a meeting or a courtroom, or have some other linguistic support requirement, our in-person language interpreters are experienced enough to meet your needs as per your expectations.

Benefits of in-person interpreting services

  • If you want the interpretation to be done at your facility, we have got you covered.
  • We understand that in various events, video or on-call interpretation might not meet the purpose, and in such cases, you would like to have the interpretation done at your location of choice.
  • We send our top trained and certified interpreters at a location of your choice and help you interpret from one language to another. We make sure that you are able to communicate effortlessly in various languages.
  • We provide both consecutive and simultaneous on-site interpretation services and ensure that the communication is effective either way.
  • We are accredited and qualified onsite interpreters offering dependable and quality service.
  • We ensure confidentiality of your data, we are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required.
  • We are available for both by appointment and in emergency interpretation job requirements.
  • We provide effective interpretation at competitive cost with 24/7 communication support

We support multiple file formats for video and audio content, these include

Input Formats

MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more.

Output Formats

.docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We support files in different languages

English, French,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic.