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New York State is truly a melting pot. The state is the home to many ethnicities such as Asians, blacks, Pacific Islanders, Russians, and Italians apart from whites. It is believed that 800 languages are spoken in the Empire state. And this leads to a language barrier, especially for those who are not that well versed in English.

his is quite real when it comes to the translation of official documents, agreements, manuals, medical reports, and interpretation between two communities. Businesses often look to market their services in other languages to target certain communities in the state of New York.

That’s why our high-quality language services exist in New York. Whether it’s a translation of documents or interpreter for business/travel needs, our total language solutions blur the barrier between you and those who don’t speak your language. Our services are performed by native speakers with experience in the related field.


An Overview of Our Language Services in New York



Offering topnotch translation services for organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals in over 200 languages! 100% accuracy and timely delivery guaranteed!



Our audio and video transcription services are available for various projects ranging from medical, academic, legal, businesses, and podcasts.



We provide a professional interpreter over the phone or in-person for various requirements.


Notarized Translation Services:

Our notarized translations are accepted for courts, legal matters, commercial purposes, admissions and other authorities. We make sure that the document is translated according to the laws of the nation or state where it is to be used. Your notarized translated documents with us also come with a clause provided by the certified guaranteeing the accuracy along with signature and seal of the notary testifying the translator’s signature.

We offer quick turnaround on transcripts any day of the week.

Our notarized translation services are available in all 50 states for…
and many more…

USCIS Certified and Legal Translation:

We provide high quality USCIS certified translation services for the immigration process.

Why Choose Our Language Services in New York


Experienced Linguists:

Whether it is translation, interpretation, or transcription, our all language services are done by experienced language professionals. All linguists own industry-specific skills and experience.


Rigorous Quality Check Method:

With our 3-tier quality check method in place, we ensure the utmost accuracy in our services. The project has to pass through several proofreading sessions until it looks great.



Your project is in the safe hand, both in the terms of quality and confidentiality. Every document or piece being delivered to us is kept protected. In fact, we can sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required.


Reasonable Prices:

No hidden prices. Our price quotes are specifically based on the needs of your project. The quotes are transparent and include everything your project requires. One thing is for sure—we are committed to delivering high-quality services irrespective of prices.


Outstanding Customer Support:

We understand that queries and concerns are inevitable. That’s why we have a sound customer support department in place to listen to your all concerns regarding pricing, project status, or anything else.


Total Language Solutions:

We meet your all language requirements, whether you need translation for your medical document or transcription of video in other languages.


  • Send us your documents via mail or ONLINE FORM available here. 
  • Your project will be assigned to a language professional according to the requirement and genre.
  • The file is then sent to the quality check and proofreading to ensure high quality to the client.
  • Once the project is complete and reviewed, you will be notified via email. The download link will be made available to you as you pay. 

Delivering Services in Over 200+ Languages! 

We provide translation, transcription, and interpretation services in over 200 world languages such as

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Arabic

and many more…

Let Us Know How We Can Help You!

With our accurate and timely language services, we make sure that we remove the communication barriers efficiently so that your message can be delivered right to your target audience. We take pride in the fact that we helped several clients meeting their purpose with our language services. Let us know how our language services in New York can help you.