Power of Attorney Translation: Let’s Take a Deeper Look

Power of Attorney Translation: Let’s Take a Deeper Look
Author: admin / Date: April 9, 2022

You must have searched for the power of attorney and its translation. This is why you have been directed to this in-depth guide. You’re welcome here.

In case you don’t know what precisely a power of attorney is, it is an extremely important document or a written authority letter to give an individual a right to act or represent on behalf of another person on business.

The one who gives the power to another person to act on his behalf is known as the donor, grantor, or principal. Whereas, the one who receives the power is commonly called a representative or an agent.

Are you looking to get into the details of the power of attorney translations? This guide has got you covered. You will get to know why one should use this document, its importance, and its translation to different languages including but not limited to Spanish and French. Let’s get down to business.

Who Uses Power of Attorney Translation?

Well, this is a good question to be asked about. Any business or an individual who wants to give authority to another person to perform some actions or tasks on behalf of them uses a power of attorney.

Let’s consider the example of the real estate business. Power of attorney is given to an agent to deal with all the legal matters of the properties on behalf of the owner or a corporation. Depending upon the location or a person you are communicating with, this document needs to be translated accordingly.

Doesn’t matter how small the task is and regardless of its nature, this document is a must to maintain trusted communications. The translation of this letter is required when you want to scale up your business in a region where the national language is different from your country.

From healthcare billing to real estate decision-making, retirement benefits to banking transactions, and deals with government officials, PoA translation is needed everywhere.

The country you want to expand your services to needs a carefully translated power of attorney to evaluate and confirm if you are eligible and allowed to work in that particular place.

The visual representation of the usage of a power of attorney and its translation in the medical domain is shown below.

Why Should You Use the Power of Attorney Translation?

Well, translation becomes a must if you have to present your document to a person or a department that doesn’t understand your language. In such a scenario, getting your document translated becomes the only way to proceed with your request.

Let’s understand it with an example. For instance, you are a permanent resident of France and want to expand your business to Australia. Since you are living in France; therefore, your power of attorney must be in French which will not be acceptable in Australia. So, you will have to go for its translation before you submit it.

If you are getting worried about which power of attorney will be the best fit for you, don’t be concerned. Just follow the flowchart below.

Importance of Legal Translation in Power of Attorney

The biggest mistake most people make while starting or scaling up their business is; not preparing all the legal documents required to proceed with. Power of attorney is one of those important documents. Through this document, you can assign the responsibility to any other person so that he or she can keep your business going when you are unable to give your input.

But, what to do if you are offering services in another country? Is this what you are thinking about? Well, the simple solution to this particular query is to get your power of attorney translated in the national language of the country your business is being operated in.

Translating this document is not a piece of cake. For this, you will have to spend some time searching for a trusted, qualified, and certified translator to get the job done. A power of attorney consists of sensitive information that needs to be translated perfectly with minimal errors so that it becomes clearly understandable for the person or department you are going to submit it to, be it a court or any other relevant official body.

You can get in touch with the top-rated translation services providers. They dedicate native speakers of the target language to translate your power of attorney. Hence, the chances for errors get reduced to almost zero. In addition, you get strict quality assurance services and revisions if needed. Some reputed agencies even offer pick and drop services for the document you want to translate.

As far as the cost of translating this document is concerned, it depends on several factors including the language you want to translate it in, the state circulating it, and if you need a letterhead for this purpose. Well, the price may also vary depending upon the time you have to translate your power of attorney. The lesser the time, the more will be the cost and vice versa.

How is PoA Used in Real Estate Business?

Most of the time, people want to sell their properties in the country or state they no longer live in. It becomes very challenging for them to travel again and again just for real estate closings when they plan to relocate to live close to their families or the jobs and other professional responsibilities are convincing them to sell their properties.

For instance, many people having real estate assets in New Hampshire are unable to attend closings because they reside in other states. If you are undergoing the same situation, you can benefit from a Limited Power of Attorney to authorize an agent in the respective language to sign the important documents on your behalf.

The Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA) is a special kind of PoA that provides an agent with only a limited power to perform certain tasks on your behalf. The major benefit of LPoA is; an agent can attend the real estate closing on your behalf at any time you want.

The best part of using LPoA is; you don’t need to sign any other document to revoke it because right after the real estate closing gets completed, the power of an agent automatically gets revoked.

How Does Apostille Service Play a Key Role in It?

Well, if you want to use your power of attorney in another country, Apostille plays a crucial role in this regard. It is a kind of certificate that ensures the authenticity of the public official’s signature on the document.  The authentication process keeps a close eye on 3 different factors as listed below.

  • The individual who has signed the PoA
  • The domain that individual acted in
  • The identity of a notary public seal

Important Note: Apostille doesn’t take responsibility for the content written in your PoA; therefore, the content is not validated.

The way Apostille plays its part is shown below.

Top 4 Languages Most People Need to Translate Their PoA In

Well, the 4 different languages required frequently when translating your power of attorney are:

  • English to Spanish: People doing business in Spain from other parts of the world often need this service.
  • English to Hindi: This service is being hired by the individuals or businesses that intend to make their presence in India.
  • English to French: The overseas businesses operating in France are in need of this translation.
  • English to Arabic: Arabic countries demand an Arabic copy of your PoA to make you eligible to do your business or any other task over there.


Do you want to move your business to another country? Looking to give someone the right to operate your company over there? You will be needing a power of attorney for this purpose. Once you get it, don’t forget to translate this document into the language of the destination country.

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