What Is Patent Translation? Quick Guide to Patent Translation

What Is Patent Translation? Quick Guide to Patent Translation
Author: admin / Date: August 13, 2021

Last year in the USA according to Statista there were 370,434 patents granted in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

In the world of patent translation we know how important it is when millions of dollars, crucial research, and major businesses hang on the result, that accuracy and expertise in your subject are paramount.

But for those of you who need the services of expert translators, let’s dive a little deeper into exactly what patent translation is and answer some of your questions.

Who needs patent translation?

In our more global business platforms, companies are competing with competitors far and wide. Taking your business offering on the world’s stage is often a necessity to remain competitive and also to harness the power of the global marketplace.

Supporting innovation

Innovation, new ideas, and development are crucial to moving forwards in any industry, and having access to customers across the world is an essential part of the business for many organizations.

Global audiences

The patents required for these brand new innovative ideas and products are an important part of the process to enable businesses to be accessed by global audiences.

Translation of the patents into international languages is essential in order to compete and deliver great new ideas into foreign markets.

Patents in other countries

Patent translation will help the innovator to obtain patent rights in other countries and forward plans to make business in countries other than the patent holders’ home, a reality.

A professional patent translator will also be on hand to help with the complexities of translating patents into other languages.


Another reason that skilled and accurate patent translators are required is that usually when an application for a patent is filed in a foreign country and subsequently granted, the owner of the patent has a very small time window in which to complete the translation process.

So now we’ve understood a little more about why a company may be seeking to obtain the translation of a patent, you might be wondering how many countries the patent can cover, in terms of the different languages documents may have to be translated into. Let’s take a look.

How many countries can one patent cover?

With an initial single international patent application in one language, the inventor can have patent protection valid in about 148 countries. It facilitates the initial processing of the patent application but will also require accurate translation in different languages when the application reaches the national level.

Now that we understand a little more about the background of what patent translation is, let’s take a look at why global businesses and other kinds of organizations require the services of skilled patent translators.

Why do we need patent translation?

Patent documents can be extremely complex and translating them is a specialized skill.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, more commonly known as WIPO, it’s clear that more and more companies require patents to be translated.

From the total amount of granted patents last year in 2019, over two-thirds of those were filed in other countries.

These statistics clearly show that the need for swift, accurate, and professional patent translation services, in order to meet the time constraints within the translation process and start the journey from new idea to a successful business.

And finally…

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