How AI Is Transforming an Online Translation Service Near You?

How AI Is Transforming an Online Translation Service Near You?
Author: admin / Date: January 6, 2022

Nowadays, with decent technological advancements, everything is going under automation. A couple of domains including various business sectors have started using tech tools to enhance the overall performance and get the maximum possible outcomes in an efficient and effective way.

If you look around, you will be amazed to see Artificial Intelligence playing an unbelievable role in different departments including but not limited to sports, education, business, and many others. We’ll see them later in this article.

As far as the human language translation industries are concerned, Artificial Intelligence is gaining prominence. According to Ofer Shoshan, – CEO of One Hour Translation (OHT) – Neural Machine Technology (NMT) has the capability of capturing nearly half of the international translation industry within the next 3 years.

Many reputed global organizations are introducing AI into their translation systems and are getting successful in their efforts. According to a study, AI can replace the businesses of around 20,000 language translation companies and 500,000 human translators.

What Is Artificial Intelligence & How It Relates To Translation?

Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a robot or a machine to perform certain tasks that are usually performed by human beings in routine life. These robots and machines are controlled by the computer.

In other words, AI enables computers to perform intellectual tasks including but not limited to problem-solving, decision making, and comprehending human communication. AI has started doing wonders in the field of translation.

AI translators are advanced artificial intelligence-based digital tools that are not only known for translating the word either spoken or written but are also capable enough to translate the meaning of a complete message. It is indeed nothing less than a miracle. This is how technical language translation has become more accurate using AI.

How Does AI Help Amazon, Google, And Microsoft In Translation?

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, without a doubt, are the business giants and are ruling the whole world with their superb services and products. They have also taken aid from Artificial Intelligence to expand their global businesses.


In 2019, Amazon published a case study mentioning that the company is in need of website language translation services to expand its international business. For this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced an AI-based tool namely “Amazon Translate”. These days, Amazon is operating in different languages including but not limited to Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


It is a huge search engine being used almost everywhere around the globe. Google translator also uses Artificial Intelligence and is translating over 100 regional and global languages.


Microsoft Translator is a superb translation services software that helps developers as well as all the users to benefit from AI-based translation even if they have no access to the internet.

What Makes AI-Language Translation Credible?

With the decent advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence, a couple of the latest AIs have been developed to serve you in the best possible manner.

In fact, nowadays, a number of people are involved in using AI-based language translators to convert any global language to the desired one. AI translators, with a wide range of real-life applications, are serving you in several different ways. Some of them are listed and discussed below.

How Does AI Translation Support Your Business?

AI translators are benefiting small as well as large-scale businesses. The entrepreneurs and chief executive officers can communicate with their business partners and clients from across the globe.

For instance, if you are a distribution manager in a company and you want to export your stock to different countries, AI-based translation tools can help you communicate with the global community. Many brands are relying on business document translation services to improve the overall efficiency thereby spending less time.

AI Role in Global Sports

A wide range of sporting events is arranged where thousands of athletes participate from across the globe. Due to differences in regional and national languages, the players find it very difficult to properly communicate with each other.

To improve the communication ability of different sportsmen coming from around the world in international sporting events like the Olympics, artificial intelligence-based translators act as their helping hand and help them effectively communicate with each other.

How Are Social Media Channels Aided With AI?

You must be aware of famous social media channels including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. They use artificial intelligence-based algorithms to help the users translate a huge variety of information published in different languages.

AI Plays a Crucial Role in Tourism

Suppose you are planning a tour to a fairly new place and you don’t know the regional languages of that particular region, it would be very difficult for you to spend time over there. But, a couple of digital tools are available for AI-based translation. You can search online for the best translation agency websites to get help with any kind of translation service.

Does AI Have the Power to Replace Human Translators?

AI, without a doubt, has captured a huge portion of businesses but cultural transfer and emotions are the biggest challenges for this technology. Similarly, some words in English carry different contexts and they can create complications for AI.

For instance, the word “woods” is often used to depict forests and it also means a tree’s timber. Keeping these factors in mind, human assistance will still be required for AI translators to incorporate emotions, tone, context, and other similar factors.

It is also a fact that machine translation services can never perform their tasks well without the involvement of human intelligence.

Is The Future of AI Translation Bright?

The future of AI translation, as of now, seems pretty bright. The researchers are even performing trials to implement artificial intelligence to communicate with animals. According to a Swedish organization, they have implemented AI to develop a tool having the capability of translating the sounds made by dolphins.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence is helping a wide range of sectors near you to use the best algorithms in language translation to communicate efficiently and effectively with the global community. From sports to social media and tourism to the business domain, every sector is benefiting from AI-based language translators.

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