Things to Consider While Selecting Your Legal Translation Service Provider

Things to Consider While Selecting Your Legal Translation Service Provider
Author: admin / Date: January 4, 2022

The Global Translation Services Market size was valued at USD 39.37 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 46.22 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 2.07% from 2021 to 2028.

We are not done here.

Legal, ALONE, accounted for the largest market share of 37.36% in Translation Services Market in 2020, with a market value of USD 14,709.03 Million and is projected to grow at the highest CAGR of 2.33% during the forecast period.

Despite the facts, quality legal translation services are a rare find. Why?

Legal translation is quite a complicated and specialized area in the translation industry. This is because, in case of any errors, there can be serious consequences for the law firm, its clients, and all other involved parties. If you need to select the best legal certified translation services, here are some helpful tips:

Make sure your legal translation service provider specializes in legal translation

Medical translation, administrative translation, commercial translation, technical translation, are just some translation specializations that exist. Generally, translation providers have specialized teams that are dedicated to all these disciplines. You need to consider a certified translation service that focuses primarily on legal translation, employs specialists with an extensive understanding of the legal industry. Legal translators need to be familiar with the various legal jargon and you need to make sure that they do not make mistakes when they interpret your legal documents. You will also get valuable legal support if your translator understands the law.

Select a reputed legal translation service

You need to work with a legal certified translation service that has a good work reputation. You can check the history of the company online and learn about their previous clients. You can assess the reputation of the company, check their references and contact their old references. A reputable legal translation service can help you understand and deal with the intricacies and obstacles of foreign languages.

Moreover, if your legal translation service has a good reputation, you can trust its credibility. Proficient legal translation services often make efforts to maintain accuracy, keep client data safe, and guarantee client satisfaction. Therefore, with such service providers, you can easily receive accurate high-quality translations that are correctly formatted along with excellent customer service.

Understand their confidentiality policy thoroughly

When you are dealing with legal matters, you are trusting a third person with confidential matters that might prove to be difficult. Selecting a dubious or unreliable organization can put the safety of critical legal documents in jeopardy. To avoid such fiascos, make sure that you learn about the confidentiality policy of your legal translation service before hiring them. Ensure that legal translation services adhere to a tight, strong, and robust confidentiality policy. This can include signing a Translator’s Confidentiality Agreement and employing robust measures such as cybersecurity tools and foolproof data protection to preserve sensitive data and legal documents.

Verify their certifications

You can see if a legal translation service is reliable if they are properly certified. Courts and government departments need evidence to confirm that all legal documents presented in court are valid. As a result, you need to submit a certified translation along with all documents. Therefore, you should use a certified legal translation provider and notary. You can even try to opt for a service that comes under the Association of Translation Companies. This is a regulatory company that mandates its members and ensures that they follow a rigorous code of conduct.

If you want to hire a freelancer, you need to choose a legal translator that is a member of some applicable professional organizations. A member of the AIIC, Institute of Linguists, and Institute of Translation and Interpreting association are ideal.

Verify that the legal translator you want to hire is familiar with the law of the target region

Your legal translator needs to be proficient with the law of the target and the source country. Not all legal procedures around the world have the same legal jargon or even vocabulary. When your legal translator comes across legal terms in other languages, their raw translation may not convey the most precise meaning. Hence you need a fluent translator who is familiar with the law.

Communicate your requirements properly

Legal documents can include footnotes, signature pages, cover pages, handwritten notes, etc. Make sure that your translation provider knows which content needs to be translated. Discuss other details like the format, tables, graphs, and images. You may prefer bilingual content or a monolingual structure. You can ask for glossaries, guides, and reference materials to maintain consistency.


A legal translator needs to have a comprehensive understanding of all the legal terminologies and experience in both the source and the target languages. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the significance of picking a high-quality legal certified translation service.

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